The Church Of God In Christ has long been involved in missions and evangelism; however, neither the foreign work nor local participation and execution of our mission work has had the phenomenal growth of our organization. Vital concern for missions must be deeply rooted in the program of the Church of God in Christ on the local, state and national levels. The objective of this organizational publication is to bring awareness to every leader —- whether bishop, pastor, state mother or leader in general — of the fact that there is a need for a renewed spirit of mission in our church. This can only be done through mission education. The day is far spent and the time has passed when we could rely on the singing of our choirs and teaching of the various entities of the church such as bible band classes and youth classes alone. We must now give valid instructions in the art of soul-winning; and, above all; the main vocation of the church is to expand its borders and engage in reaching the whole world for Christ.... This book and the materials contained therein will aid the mission-minded individual in that work for missions. This fascinating book is considered the ‘organizational bible’ in the Department Of Missions for the Church Of God In Christ. Every mission worker should have this publication in their possession to have a better understanding of what missions is and is NOT. What is expected of each mission worker and what each mission worker should expect of the church.